‘I feel stupid when I pray’

I’m not supposed to isolate, so I play the “swipe game.” Swiping on apps so at least I see a human face. Maybe they’ll want to chat.

They don’t. They just want hookups.

I don’t want to be a burden to my friends.

The funny thing about depression is that…

Living is as simple as breathing

Breathe; my tattoo will simply read. Typewriter font reminding me of something I forget to do anytime the trauma of my past shrouds me in darkness, or, better yet, when the fear of the future sets in like a tsunami. Sometimes thinking about the future when you’re a walking billboard…

A semi-reflection on my 48-hour suicide hold

“Time is an illusion.” — Albert Einstein

Sometimes I wonder if they didn’t let me out of the psych ward too soon. I told my therapist at our first appointment after from paternity leave almost a year ago, which is not the reason I checked myself into the psych ward…

On the power of redemption

I wrote a piece earlier this week about the intersection of sexual assault and Christianity. This is a follow up of sorts.

It’s easy for me to doubt God. It’s easier than having faith some days. …

A millennial’s perspective on church and authenticity

There’s something that doesn’t sit right about a church when the message sounds more like an advertisement for the church than about being drawn closer to God, when worship is the best part of the morning, and the message snaps you out of the presence of God.

You’ve heard it…

Kaleigh Lynne Distaffen

Dreamer. Writer. Survivor. Becomer. Follow me over at Prozac and Faith — kldistaffen.com

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